We do not service residential properties. We service industrial and commercial properties only.
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Snowplowing & Sanding Ltd.

Since 1982

There when you need us!


We have a dedicated team of 65 professionals serving the London area, providing snow removal, sidewalk clearing and ice management.

We constantly monitor weather conditions.

During our regular site visits we check for hazards such as ice from snow pile run off, flash freeze, or any other seasonal issues.

Our winter season contracts are available with your budget in mind.


You can choose monthly, all-inclusive or per time.

Our Snow Removal Services

We provide prompt and reliable service for all of our snow removal and deicing customers.

Snow Plowing

We specialize in Commercial and Industrial properties, Government Building lots, Plazas, Multi-unit dwelling lots, Churches and Schools. Snow will be plowed from the lot to specified locations requested by the Customer if required. Our crews are dispatched automatically when conditions warrant and use site appropriate equipment.

Sidewalk Maintenance

We have separate crews for maintaining your walks, equipped with snow blowers. Compact sidewalk tractors are available for larger locations.  These crews make sure your sidewalks are cleared and deiced in order to provide safe walkways.


Road salt is available to deice your property.  You have your choice of which product best fits your properties unique requirements.

Snow Removal

Doug’s Snowplowing & Sanding offers this service to haul or relocate snow on your property depending on the Customer’s needs.

Our Summer Lawn Maintenance

& Clean up Services

We offer comprehensive summer maintenance for your property.

Mowing the Lawn Using Professional Equipment

Lawn Maintenance

We cut lawns on commercial, industrial, multi-unit dwellings, school and church properties on a weekly schedule to make your property look as pristine in the summer as we keep it in the winter.

Landscaper Using Shrub Trimmer

Landscaping Services

We offer complete landscaping services.  Tree maintenance, Develop and Maintain Garden areas, etc.

Pile of leaves with rake

Spring and Fall Clean-up

We do property cleanups in the spring and fall, making your property shine before winter/summer property maintenance begins.

Paper Pickup

We offer weekly (or biweekly/monthly) pickup of garbage and litter cleanup from your public outdoors areas. 

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Snow Maintenance and Deicing

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