Benefits of Snow Removal Services for Commercial Spaces

When you own your own business and there’s outdoor space adjacent to it, it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s clear of snow and ice during the winter. Not only is this necessary for safety and legal reasons, but you want as much business as possible travelling in and out of your shop. A lack of snow removal and management tells customers you don’t care, which isn’t the message you want to send if you want your business to succeed. For a better understanding as to why this is so important, here are the six main benefits of hiring a professional snow removal service for your commercial space.

Safety Zone

Getting on the phone and calling up your local snow plowing service is an easy step to ensure that your customers, employees and suppliers are safely able to enter and exit your business. No one’s going to risk falling on unforeseen ice when they have other options like calling in sick, delaying deliveries or simply finding another place to shop. Properly plowed commercial spaces provide clear parking lots and sidewalks until the next big snowfall.

We’re Open!

A sign might not be enough to let potential customers know that your business is open, not when there’s a mountain of snow partially blocking the entrance. Clearing a simple pathway will indicate to customers that your business is fully operational. It invites them in to browse your goods instead of just walking by.

Less Downtime

Using a snow plow service means customers can spend more time inside your store and less time trying to get into it. Or simply turning around and going home because the amount of snow or ice present is too much of a hassle for what you’re offering.

Heavy Duty Removal

While small amounts of snow can be removed by employees, whether it’s after a light snowfall or just pushing away debris, it’s necessary to call in the big guns when there’s a foot of snow blanketing your mile-long parking lot. A large accumulation of snow requires professional grade equipment and the efficiency of snow removal contractors. This is essential if you live in an area that gets a lot of heavy snowfall throughout the winter.

Decreased Liability

No one wants to feel responsible for a customer injuring themself because you didn’t do a good job clearing a safe path. If someone slips and falls on your property, then you may be liable for damages if the situation was a result of improper snow removal or ice treatment.

Overall Peace of Mind

Once the job is done, you don’t have to spend the next day or two worrying about whether or not the snowy mess in front of your business will deter customers or result in a lawsuit. Until the next snowfall, you can wake up in the mornings knowing your path has been professionally cleaned. And if it snows again? Call your trusted snow plowing service to clear the way once more.

At Doug’s Snowplowing, our fully insured team is the best around for snow removal, sidewalk cleaning and ice management. Servicing industrial, institutional and commercial properties, we check for any safety hazards that could affect you and your business. Located in London, Ontario, crews are dispatched immediately when conditions call for it. Contact us today for a free quote.